What is TronLink Wallet? How to create and use TronLink wallet 2023


    When you are new to USDT, you are probably not familiar with USDT TRC20 because the transaction fees are quite cheap. But few people know about the TronLink wallet to store these USDT coins.

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    So what is TronLink wallet, how to create TronLink wallet and use TronLink wallet?

    What is TronLink Wallet?

    TronLink is a cryptocurrency wallet used to store TRX and tokens of the Tron blockchain.

    So you can use TronLink wallet to store USDT TRC20.

    This is a wallet that you can use as an extension installed on the Chrome/Brave browser…

    You can also download the TronLink app on your Android/iOS phone.

    Here's how to create a TronLink wallet on Chrome browser!

    How to create a TronLink wallet on Chrome

    You can see how to create a TronLink wallet according to the following video!

    How to create a USDT TRC20 wallet with TronLink

    First, you access the utility of the TronLink wallet on Chrome by following the following link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/

    Then click [Add to Chrome]

    Cách tạo ví TronLink
    How to create a TronLink wallet on Chrome

    Click [Add extension]

    Tạo ví TronLink
    Click Add extension to create a TronLink wallet

    Wait a minute…

    When done, click the Extensions icon and then click the Pin button to pin this extension to Chrome's toolbar.

    If you don't know how to do it, watch more in the video!

    You click on the TronLink wallet on the browser, a window will appear. There will be 2 options here:

    • Create Wallet: create a new TronLink wallet
    • Import Wallet: import an existing wallet
    Tải ví TronLink
    Create a new TronLink wallet

    Here I will create a completely new TronLink wallet, so click [Create Wallet]

    Next, drag the cursor down to select I agree…

    TronLink wallet
    TronLink wallet

    You name the wallet, for example here I set it as Block55. Enter the password, repeat the password, and then click [Create Wallet].

    NOTE: Passwords must include uppercase, lowercase, and numeric characters and be 8 or more characters long.

    Create a TronLink Wallet

    So you have successfully created a TronLink wallet. Click [Back up Wallet] to back up your wallet.

    Ví TronLink
    TronLink Wallet

    Re-type the password you just created, and then click [Confirm].

    TronLink là gì
    Backup TronLink Wallet

    Continue to press [Back up].

    TronLink Pro
    Back up TronLink wallet

    You click [View Mnemonic Phrase] to display 12 secret recovery phrases.

    NOTE: Absolutely do not reveal these 12 phrases. Anyone with these 12 phrases can enter your wallet. Since I made a demo, I'll let you see it.

    TronLink có lừa đảo không
    Showing 12 secret recovery phrases

    This step you can press the [Copy] button to copy these 12 words in order.

    But in my opinion, the best way is to write it down on paper and store it carefully if you want to store coins for a long time.

    When done, click [Already Backed up].

    Ví TronLink là gì
    Backup 12 secret recovery phrases

    Next TronLink will ask you for 3 secret recovery words in the correct location.

    Cách đăng ký ví TronLink
    Verify TronLink wallet
    • You look above to see which number is darker than the rest
    • Choose the correct word according to that order number
    • When finished, click [Next]

    After finishing the 3rd number, press [Done] and you're done.

    So I went through what is TronLink Wallet, how to create a TronLink wallet.

    I will update again.

    Wish you success!


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