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    What is Phantom Wallet? Instructions on how to create a simple Phantom wallet

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    When interacting with the Solana network, we will need a wallet. It could be Sollet wallet, SolFlare, Coin98 Wallet…

    Trong bài viết này mình xin hướng dẫn cách cài đặt và sử dụng ví Phantom nhé! Đây là một ví khá phổ biến.

    What is Phantom Wallet?

    Phantom Wallet is a wallet used to store and exchange digital assets on the Solana network.

    This is a type of non-custodial wallet (does not store user information) or can be called a decentralized wallet.

    Which means you have full control over your wallet. If your wallet is hacked or your password is revealed, no one is responsible for you.

    Phantom Wallet is an extension that installs on your browser. Currently Phantom Wallet only supports Solana network. The Ethereum network is in the development phase.

    How to install Phantom wallet

    First you visit this page:

    Select the browser you want to install. Currently Phantom Wallet supports Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge.

    For example, here I want to install Phantom on Chrome.

    Note: For each type of wallet, you should install it on a different browser to avoid conflicts. For example, MetaMask is Brave, Coin98 Wallet is Firefox, Phantom is Chrome... Or the same browser but on many different users.

    vi phantom
    Install Phantom Wallet

    Then click Add to Chrome > Add extension:

    vi phantom wallet
    Install Phantom wallet on Chrome

    Wait a moment you will see the following. Click Create New Wallet to create a new wallet. If you want to restore an existing wallet, click Use Secret Recovery Phrase!

    cai dat vi phantom
    Create a new Phantom wallet

    Then you click Copy to save these 12 secret recovery words to a safe place. It is best to write it down on paper and keep it in a safe if you intend to put a lot of money in it.

    When done, click OK, I saved it somewhere.

    cai dat vi phantom wallet
    Save 12 secret recovery words

    Then you set a password, retype that password > tick the box I agree to the… > Save. This will be your password to unlock your Phantom wallet later.

    huong dan cai dat vi phantom
    Enter unlock password

    Finally, click Finish again and you're done. In the upper right they also show you how to pin this extension on the browser. You can do so if you don't see the Phantom wallet in your browser.

    huong dan cai dat phantom wallet
    Complete Phantom Wallet Setup

    How to add tokens to Phantom wallet

    To display coins / tokens on Phantom wallet, do the following:

    them token vi phantom
    How to add tokens to Phantom wallet

    First, click Manage token list > type the token name you want to add in the search box > turn the circle button to the right to turn it on.

    If the token you want to add is not on the wallet, press the + sign in the search box to add it.

    After adding tokens to your Phantom wallet, you can do the following to fund it.

    gui token vao vi phantom
    Deposit money into Phantom Wallet

    Click on the coin/token you want to deposit > click Deposit > click Copy to get the wallet address. You can also scan a QR code to send it over from your phone.

    If you want to change the network from Mainnet to Testnet or Devnet and vice versa, go to Settings > Change Network tab.

    So you have successfully created Phantom Wallet. I will update other detailed operations later!

    Good luck!

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