Coin98 Wallet: How to create a Coin98 wallet for newbies


    What is Coin98 Wallet? How to create and use Coin98 Wallet? Let's find out through the following article!

    What is Coin98 Wallet?

    This is a multi-chain non-custodial wallet (multi-blockchain support).

    Other than MetaMask only for Ethereum network and Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compatible blockchains such as BSC, Avalanche, Phantom...

    Coin98 Wallet supports more than +9,000 coins/tokens of dozens of different blockchains. Along with that are more than +35 custom networks.

    They recently renamed Coin98 Wallet to Coin98 Super App. Aim to be a crypto super app.

    Download Coin98 Wallet

    Currently, Coin98 Wallet is available on the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) app and the utility installed on the computer browser.

    Download Link:

    For Chrome browser, go to the following link:

    tai vi coin98 wallet chrome
    Install Coin98 Wallet for Chrome

    If you want to display the extension, click the Extension icon > click the Pin button.

    I personally prefer using extensions. The app on the phone is so laggy.

    How to create a Coin98 Wallet

    In the main interface of the wallet, click on the head image > Settings > Languages > and select the language you want. For example, here I choose Vietnamese.

    You can then proceed to create your first Coin98 wallet.

    tạo ví coin98
    Create a Coin98 Wallet

    First, click Manage > Add wallet > select the blockchain you want > click Initialize.

    Here I choose Multi-chain wallet to create wallets on all blockchains.

    You name the wallet > select [New Standard] > click [Next].

    Then click on the copy icon and store it in a safe place. It is best to write it down on paper and keep it in a safe if you have one.

    Note: Never reveal the Passphrase to anyone. Remember to arrange in the correct order and complete 12 words!

    Next, paste the Passphrase into the box > read and tick 3 boxes > click [Create New Wallet] and you're done.

    tạo ví coin98 wallet
    How to create a Coin98 Wallet

    Basically, you have successfully created a Coin98 Wallet.

    Since it is a non-custodial wallet, you are in full control of your wallet without providing any other information.

    But if you want to accumulate X Points to receive rewards from Coin98, you should register an account!

    You click on the head image and then enter your email to register.

    After registering, go back to your personal section > select [Referral Program] > copy your referral code and paste it there.

    Later, when you transact on Coin98 Wallet, both you and I will receive X points.

    cách tạo ví coin98 wallet
    How to enter referral code on Coin98 wallet

    My referral code is: C98WTVBCGF

    You can also click on the QR Code icon next to it and then scan this code of yours:

    hướng dẫn tạo ví coin98
    Scan QR Code Coin98 Wallet

    How to use Coin98 Wallet


    At the main screen of the wallet, press the Get button > type the coin / token you want to receive in the search box > click copy the address or scan the QR code if you want.

    cách sử dụng ví coin98 wallet
    How to receive coin/token to Coin98 Wallet

    So, I just showed you how to create a quick Coin98 Wallet. I will continue to update the details later!

    Good luck!


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