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    What is Trust Wallet? How to download and create the latest Trust Wallet 2022

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    Khi bạn mua bán tiền điện tử trên thị trường thì cần ví để lưu trữ và quản lý chúng. Trust Wallet là một trong những số ví như vậy.

    In this article, I will talk more about what Trust Wallet is and how to download and create a new wallet.

    What is Trust Wallet?

    Trust Wallet is a decentralized application used to store and manage cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX), Litecoin (LTC)… and especially especially Binance Coin (BNB).

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    Trust Wallet can store up to 4.5 million coins and tokens belonging to over 65+ different blockchains.

    Binance acquired Trust Wallet in 2018.

    Hiện tại, Trust Wallet có ứng dụng cho iOS và Androind và cả bản cài đặt trên trình duyệt cho PC.

    How to download and create a Trust Wallet

    First, go to the following link to download the appropriate version. Trust Wallet now has an app on iOS and Android. You can also download the .APK 6.0+ file directly.

    UPDATE: Ngày 14/11/2022, Trust Wallet đã chính thức ra mắt bản tiện ích (extension) cài trên trình duyệt máy tính. Các trình duyệt được Trust Wallet hỗ trợ là Chrome, Brave, Opera và Edge.

    app store
    App Store
    google play trust wallet
    Google Play
    apk download trust wallet

    I will do a demo on iOS. On Android phones you do the same!

    After the installation is complete, open Trust Wallet and then click the [Create New Wallet] button.

    tai vi trust wallet
    Open Trust Wallet
    tao vi trust wallet moi
    Press the Create New Wallet button

    Then you tick the box I have read and accept the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

    You will be prompted to back up 12 words by ticking the box I understand that if I lose my recovery phrase, I will not be able to access my wallet.

    These 12 words all have meaning in English. Imagine an interesting story that contains all 12 of these words. In my opinion that is the best way to remember!

    vi trust wallet binance
    Accept Terms & Policy
    trust wallet apk
    Agree to the wallet backup reminder

    Next you write down or copy the 12 words of the wallet backup in the correct order then press Continue.

    NOTE: Bạn không nên chụp màn hình nhé. Vì vẫn có nguy cơ hình ảnh bị lọt ra ngoài.

    Then you arrange the 12 words above in the correct order in the next window. If you have ever created a wallet Metamask it is similar.

    tạo ví trust wallet
    Store 12 wallet recovery phrases carefully

    Then there is a message that the Trust Wallet has been successfully created. You just need to click [Agree] to see the main interface of Trust Wallet.

    cách tạo ví trust wallet
    Main interface of Trust Wallet

    That's it, the step of downloading and creating a Trust Wallet is completed.

    Compared to the app on Android, Trust Wallet on iOS will be "missing" something, right? And what's missing is the DApp Browser.

    How to add DApp browser to Trust Wallet on iOS

    NOTE: Trust Wallet had to be removed completely DApp to comply with Apple policy. Now there's no way around it anymore. Please skip this part! If you still want to use DApp on Trust Wallet, you only have to connect (import) Trust Wallet with MetaMask.

    Since the DApp is no longer supported on iOS, when you try to access it you will get an error: “Deep linking is not supported by Trust Wallet”.

    DApp browser is a browser that helps you access decentralized applications (DApp) right on Trust Wallet. The app that people use the most is PancakeSwap.

    But recently Trust Wallet had to remove the DApp browser from their iOS app to comply with Apple's policy.

    Trust Wallet has released a developer beta on iOS.

    iOS users can use the beta with this DApp browser through TestFlight. But this invitation link is usually full very quickly. I see less than 1 day is already full.

    So most recently, they announced a brand new DApp browser access for iOS users. Now you can reactivate the DApp browser in just 3 easy steps.

    NOTE: To do this, you need to install Trust Wallet version 5.11 or higher!

    Step 1

    Type the following in the Safari browser bar: trust://browser_enable then press the Go button.

    dapp trust wallet ios
    Tap Safari on iOS

    Step 2

    A window will appear asking you: Open this page in “Trust”? then you click Open.

    Note: Depending on whether your language is English or Vietnamese, you can do the same thing.

    dapp trust wallet browser
    Click Open

    Step 3

    After clicking Open above, you will be taken to the DApp browser on Trust Wallet.

    trinh duyet dapp trust wallet ios
    DApp Trust Wallet iOS Browser

    Here you can access any DApp you want, such as PancakeSwap as I mentioned above.

    Hướng dẫn cách tạo ví Trust Wallet trên máy tính

    Bạn có thể xem video này để biết cách cài ví Trust Wallet cho trình duyệt Google Chrome nhé:

    Cách tạo ví Trust Wallet trên máy tính

    Some questions related to Trust Wallet

    Is it possible to create a Trust Wallet on a computer?

    Như mình đã cập nhật ở trên, ngày 14/11/2022 Trust Wallet đã chính thức ra mắt các bản extension cho trình duyệt máy tính. Bạn có thể tải here.

    What is Trust Wallet Token?

    Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is the token of Trust Wallet.

    Is Trust Wallet safe?

    This is a non-custodial personal wallet owned by Binance exchange so you can rest assured! Be sure to keep the recovery phrase secret, though.

    How many blockchains does Trust Wallet support?

    Trust Wallet currently supports 4.5 million coins and tokens belonging to over 65 different blockchains.

    So I just went through how to create a Trust Wallet wallet as well as how to add a DApp browser to Trust Wallet.

    Good luck!

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