Remitano or Binance according to 3 criteria: Comparison for newbies!


    You don't need to spend too much time to find the answer to the question: Remitano or Binance?

    In fact, many people think that already using Binance, why register for Remitano?

    I used to think so too!

    Until… I used both and found that each has its own beauty.

    I will compare 6 aspects so you know whether to use Remitano or Binance!

    Remitano or Binance: P2P

    Actually, comparing Remitano or Binance is quite lame.

    Because each floor has different trading strategies. Target different target audience.

    It can be said that Binance is an exchange, and Remitano is a market.

    Through this article, I hope you will have the answer to the question Remitano or Binance.

    In Remitano, you do not trade with the exchange, but with others through P2P trading.

    P2P is a transaction between two users on a certain exchange. The exchange will act as an intermediary to make the transaction go smoothly and quickly.

    Of course, Remitano floor also has some other features such as swap (Swap) or Invest (Invest)…

    They are also preparing to launch their own blockchain and exchange coin but we will cover that later.

    Meanwhile, Binance is the largest exchange in the world. They have dozens of different products.

    And P2P trading is just a fraction of that launched in 2020. While Remitano has been doing this since 2015.

    Therefore, the main purpose when I write this article is to compare the P2P feature of Remitano or Binance. If you are a newbie who wants to buy coins in VND, which will be the most suitable option for you.

    Remitano or Binance: 6 aspects

    For newbies, you should note the following aspects!

    1. Interface

    If you are a newbie, looking at the interface of Binance will be a bit confusing. Because there are too many features.

    remitano hay binance: giao diện p2p binance
    Binance P2P Interface

    So they recently released a Lite version with less features for newbies. You can also easily switch to the full version if you want.

    This is also the default when you first download the Binance app.

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    What about Remitano? Simple, much friendlier.

    Since they also don't have many features, you will find it very intuitive and easy to understand.

    Of course, the interface will not be as meticulous and professional as Binance. But enough is enough.

    2. Remitano or Binance: Payment method

    For example, if you want to buy $10, how will you transfer Vietnamese money to the seller?

    Remitano will support you with 3 main payment gateways: bank transfer, MoMo and ViettelPay.

    But I recommend that you deposit money into the exchange via VNDR wallet. You can consider VNDR as your VND money on Remitano exchange.

    NOTE: It is the same as MoMo wallet. You can deposit and withdraw VNDR anytime you want and it's free.

    Then from your VNDR balance you can buy Bitcoin, USDT or any other coin you like. You only need 10,000 VND to buy it.

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    Previously, at the end of 2020, Binance also launched BVND. Is a stablecoin pegged to VND but has been discontinued.

    On Remitano or Binance, there are also major forms such as bank transfer, MoMo, ViettelPay.

    In addition, Binance also has ZaloPay, ShopeePay, VNPAY, SmartPay, VNPT Pay, VinID, Apple Pay

    But I think newbies should choose bank transfer to have more seller options.

    3. Convenience level

    If you use the app on your phone, sometimes this will happen.

    You open the banking app to transfer, when you return to copy the transaction content, the pending order will naturally disappear.

    Or you have to copy the seller account name, check if the name is correct. Enter the exact amount to be transferred. Paste the correct transfer content or it will be very troublesome.

    If the amount is small, it is okay, but if you trade large amounts, you will probably sweat.

    All of that is solved with QR codes. Just open the banking app and scan the QR code displayed on the screen.

    The QR code includes seller information such as account number, account name, amount to be transferred and transfer content.

    NOTE: If you are on your phone, download the QR code to your device. Then, through the banking app, choose to scan the QR code and upload the QR code from the phone gallery.

    That's what I really like when I recharge my Remitano wallet. Save a lot of time and worry as well.

    The second convenience is that you don't need to verify your identity (KYC) if you trade less than $100 per day on Remitano.

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    On the Binance exchange, from August 21, they require all users to KYC, including new and old users.

    By now, do you know if you should use Remitano or Binance? If not, I will continue!

    4. Remitano or Binance: How much does it take to get started?

    If you say “Bitcoin is worth billions a piece? How can I buy it?"

    Well, of course, no one forces you to buy 1 BTC to sell.

    On the Remitano exchange you can start enjoying the feeling of owning Bitcoin with only 10,000 VND. Only 1 cup / cup of coffee that you drank this morning

    nên mua usdt ở đâu? remitano hay binance
    Buy USDT on Remitano for only 10k

    This is also the minimum amount that you can deposit into the VNDR wallet.

    What about on Binance exchange? You need at least 150k in your account to buy BTC or USDT via P2P trading.

    So I think Remitano will be a great choice for anyone. Because the minimum amount for you to start is extremely small.

    5. Transaction fee

    In terms of transaction fees, Remitano exchange will be higher than Binance exchange.

    The reason is also very easy to understand. They have a wide range of products and services. From there, it is possible to generate income for the floor to pay staff salaries…

    But on the Remitano floor, it is quite limited. Mainly only P2P and Swap transactions.

    Therefore, they will charge higher fees to maintain the development floor.

    6. Remitano or Binance: Support

    Actually, I've never needed support from Remitano, so I don't know what to say?

    But on Binance, there was once. But that time it was a deposit to the exchange, not a P2P transaction.

    That's when I helped my brother load WAXP coins into the exchange. But Binance asked for another MEMO code that I forgot.

    After a while, when I didn't see the money in my account, I suddenly remembered.

    Then I sent a ticket to them and was told that it would be resolved in 5-7 working days.

    But it wasn't until the next morning that they refunded their WAXP coins. Very fast, right?

    So, just comparing some aspects to help you answer the question of whether to use Remitano or Binance.

    I myself often buy USDT on Remitano and then transfer to Binance for trading. USDT withdrawal fee is $1.

    Whether you choose to trade on Remitano or Binance, both of these exchanges are very reputable.

    Although I have been in this market for a while, this is still my favorite way.

    You will not need to worry about how to buy and sell too many steps anymore. There is also no fear of mistakes leading to loss of money.

    Wish you success!


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