Where to buy Ripple coin [2 ways]


    You see the Ripple coin (XRP) is quite good and you are wondering where to buy Ripple coin.

    In fact, Ripple is traded on quite a few exchanges. But most of them I find less common.

    So today I would like to guide you how to buy Ripple coin where is the most prestigious and fastest.

    What is Ripple Coin?

    Ripple is a company that works in real-time payments with low costs and fast transaction processing times.

    This is a company funded by large investment funds such as Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz (az16).

    According to the announcement of Ripple, the company cooperates with many big banks such as UBS, Santander, Bank of America, Standard Chartered, JP Morgan, Barclays, American Express.

    Ripple (XRP) used to be the 3rd largest coin in the crypto market after BTC and ETH.

    But after the persistent lawsuit with the SEC, XRP has continuously depreciated so far.

    Ripple coin has the following advantages when it comes to payment:

    • Transaction processing time is very fast, only takes about 4 seconds
    • The cost per transaction is also very cheap, only 0.00001 USD

    Should invest in Ripple or not?

    Despite being involved in litigation with the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission), XRP is still in the top #6.

    Not to mention this is a company that cooperates with big banks.

    But there is no guarantee that these banks will use Ripple's payment system either.

    You also never know when the case will end.

    Even so, XRP is still very valuable. This could be an opportunity to buy into XRP cheaply for some.

    Because when the opportunity is too obvious, it is no longer an opportunity.

    Therefore, you need to learn carefully about this coin before you put money down! The choice is yours.

    Where to buy Ripple coin?

    As I said above, due to litigation, many exchanges have canceled the listing of XRP on their exchanges.

    There are also quite a few exchanges that still trade XRP but I find it less popular.

    Here are the 2 most reputable exchanges for you to buy Ripple.

    1. Where to buy Ripple coin: Binance Exchange

    As you probably already know, Binance is the world's No. 1 exchange. Therefore, the coins listed here must also go through a screening process.

    If you want to buy a certain coin, just go to Binance to buy it.

    Because of its reputation as well as high liquidity, it helps you buy and sell easily at the best price. The transaction fee is also quite cheap.

    As long as it's not available on Binance, you have to buy it on other exchanges.

    If you do not have an account on this floor, see me Binance Registration Instructions The latest 2022!

    Once you have a Binance account, go to the following link: https://www.binance.com/vi/trade/XRP_USDT

    mua ripple coin ở đâu
    Where to buy Ripple coin: Binance

    This is the interface to buy and sell XRP on the Binance exchange XRP / USDT pair. That means you have to use USDT to buy XRP.

    If you are a newbie, you do not need to care about charts or order books at all.

    Of course, if you know technical analysis to find entry points, even better. If not, you can skip the next lesson.

    Scroll down and you will see the buying and selling section as follows:

    hướng dẫn cách mua ripple coin trên sàn binance
    How to buy Ripple coin on Binance exchange

    2. Where to buy Ripple coin: Remitano exchange

    I always encourage newcomers to use Remitano to buy and sell coins. Because the interface is simple and very novice-friendly.

    The process of depositing, buying and selling is also quite simple to help you avoid unnecessary money loss mistakes.

    If you don't have a Remitano account, you can check it out Instructions for registering Remitano 2022 details

    First, click on the following link: https://remitano.com/xrp/vn

    I already selected XRP so you just need to click Buy now is to be.

    Mua Ripple coin ở đâu nhanh nhất
    Where is the fastest place to buy Ripple coin?

    Enter the amount you want to buy. Select a seller and then press Buy done.

    NOTE: The higher the seller, the cheaper the purchase price!

    If you buy via VNDR wallet, XRP will be immediately transferred to your wallet.

    mua ripple coin ở đâu: sàn Remitano
    Where to buy Ripple coin: Remitano exchange

    So, I have just instructed how to buy Ripple coin where is the most prestigious and fastest for newbies!

    Good luck!


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