Register for KuCoin Exchange 2023 [Latest Guide]


    Maybe you will ask whether to register for KuCoin exchange or not?

    In fact, you only need 1-2 exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin and other coins you like.

    I have never used more than 5 decks either!

    But to optimize profits, you should have accounts of at least 5 of the largest and most reputable exchanges!

    Because some new coins that are trending will not be able to list on major exchanges like Binance.

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    Therefore, exchanges like KuCoin will help you buy hot coins.

    You may not need to buy it right away. But it is recommended to register for the KuCoin exchange and verify your identity in advance.

    Firstly, it will be more difficult to register the exchanges later. Second, when you have an account, you just need to buy it, saving time.

    KuCoin exchange registration guide

    First, click on the following link to go to KuCoin's homepage (in Vietnamese): or click the following button:

    You can refer to how to register for KuCoin exchange through this video! Or follow the instructions that I wrote below!

    Đăng ký sàn KuCoin
    Register for KuCoin exchange

    NOTE: If you do not see Vietnamese, you can click on the globe and select Vietnamese!

    Then you press the button Register.

    • Next, you choose to register by phone number or email. But in my opinion you should register by email. Because sometimes you may not receive the code sent to the phone number for some carriers.
    • Type your email in the box then press Send code.
    • A 6-digit code will be sent to your email. You copy those 6 numbers and paste them in the box Email verification code.
    • Next you set the password as you want. Remember to save it somewhere!
    • When done, press Register.
    Cách đăng ký sàn KuCoin
    How to register on KuCoin exchange

    So you have successfully registered for KuCoin exchange!

    To improve your limits and better protect your account, you should verify your identity (KYC).

    If anything happens later, when you work with support they will better support you.

    Identity Verification (KYC)

    After clicking register as above, you will be taken to the homepage of the KuCoin exchange.

    To verify your identity, hover your mouse over your profile page (circle with the first 2 letters of your email) and select KYC Verification.

    Xác minh danh tính sàn KuCoin
    Verify identity of KuCoin exchange

    Here you will see the status is Unverified. You press Start verifying to continue.

    Cách KYC sàn KuCoin
    How to KYC KuCoin Exchange


    • Select country of residence
    • Fill in your first and last name. I usually put my first and last name in the last name
    • Select the type of document you want to verify. There are 3 options: Passport / ID card or CCCD / License. Note: Whatever type of document you choose, you will get the same type of document for verification later!
    • Enter the document number. For example, above, I choose ID card, then I enter the ID number.
    Cách KYC sàn KuCoin
    Select the type of document you want to KYC

    When done, press Send.

    On the next screen you click Continue to receive more offers. A bit messy, huh?

    Xác minh danh tính sàn KuCoin
    Click Continue to receive more offers

    Here you will see there are 2 ways to verify your identity:

    • Upload documents: You upload a photo of the front, back of the document, a portrait. Verification time is from 2 to 10 days.
    • Verify on the phone: You install the KuCoin app on your phone. Then capture the front, back of the document and verify the face. Just 10 seconds and it's done. Success 100%.

    So I recommend you download the app to verify quickly! If you don't have a phone, you have to verify it by uploading documents on your computer.

    You can open the camera on your phone and then scan the QR code that appears on your computer. I repeat: the camera does not need to install any QR code app.

    Hướng dẫn KYC sàn KuCoin trong 5 giây thành công 100%
    Guide to KYC of KuCoin exchange in 5 seconds successfully 100%

    A popup appears on the phone. Just click open in the browser.

    The system will automatically recognize your phone's operating system (iOS or Android) and take you to where you need to download the app.

    In fact, you just need to go to the Apple Store or Google Play to download the KuCoin app. Scanning the QR code is just to make sure you download the correct app.

    After downloading, proceed to log in with the email and password you created above.

    Click the profile in the upper left, click the arrow next to the account and verify as directed.

    Enable 2-step verification (2FA) when registering for KuCoin exchange

    To verify Google, first hover over your profile and click on your account.

    NOTE: You can also choose Account Security below!

    Xác minh Google sàn KuCoin
    Verify Google exchange KuCoin

    Next you press the box Authenticate via Google.

    Xác thực qua Google sàn KuCoin
    Authentication via Google exchange KuCoin

    To make sure you are the Google verification operator, the KuCoin exchange will send a verification code to your email.

    You just need to press Send code. Then open the email and copy the 6-digit code as you just registered on the KuCoin exchange and paste it into the box.

    When done, press Next.

    Nhấn Gửi mã để lấy mã xác minh qua email
    Press Send code to get the verification code via email

    Next you do the following:

    1. Download the Google Authenticator app and log in with any Google account (if you haven't installed it yet). You can also use Authy if you want
    2. Open the Google Authenticator app and tap the (+) sign in the lower right corner of the screen. Select Scan QR code. If you can't scan, press Enter device key and get the blue number next to the QR code
    3. Immediately the KuCoin code will appear on the Google Authenticator app with 6 codes that change continuously every 30 seconds
    4. You enter those 6 numbers in the box Verification code via Google
    5. When done, press Activated
    Quét mã QR sàn KuCoin
    Scan the KuCoin exchange QR code

    When I returned to the account page, I saw the status of Authentication via Google as Activated and there was a small green tick.

    Xác thực Google sàn KuCoin thành công
    Google authentication of KuCoin exchange is successful

    How to deposit money in KuCoin

    After signing up for the KuCoin exchange, you need to deposit funds to start trading.

    First, hover your mouse over the wallet image and then click on the box Recharge.

    Cách nạp tiền vào sàn KuCoin
    How to deposit money on KuCoin exchange

    Next you do the following:

    • Select the coin you want to deposit. Here I will give an example of how to get the USDT wallet address to deposit money into KuCoin!
    • Select network. Choose which network both your side and on the KuCoin exchange support. For example, with USDT, I will choose Tron network (TRC20). There are some other very cheap networks ($0.1) like KCC or ALGO but other exchanges don't support it, so they can't send
    • Copy the wallet address by clicking the copy icon next to the wallet address box. If you want to transfer from your phone, you can click on the QR code icon to scan it quickly and accurately
    Cách lấy địa chỉ ví USDT trên sàn KuCoin
    How to get USDT wallet address on KuCoin exchange

    After you have a wallet address, you can go to other exchanges like Remitano or Binance? Transfer money through the correct network is okay.

    NOTE: Transferring funds to the wrong network can cost you money!

    Some frequently asked questions when registering for KuCoin exchange

    What is KuCoin?

    KuCoin is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Established in 2014 and registered to operate in the island nation of Seychelles.

    What is the ranking of KuCoin exchange?

    KuCoin exchange is always ranked in the top 5 largest exchanges according to the scale of CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap with 665 coins listed and 1210 trading pairs.

    What is KuCoin token?

    KCS is the exchange coin of KuCoin, launched in 2017 as a profit sharing token, so it is also known as KuCoin Shares. It is issued as an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum network and is supported by most Ethereum wallets.

    What is KuCoin Spotlight?

    KuCoin Spotlight is a platform that helps projects open and sell tokens on the KuCoin exchange. Simply put, it's like Binance LaunchPad or Huobi Primelist.
    If the above 2 platforms are too difficult to compete, you can register for Kucoin exchange to buy these EIO projects!

    That's it, I just showed you how to register for KuCoin exchange quickly and simply.

    Wish you success!


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