Sign Up for Binance 2023 [Latest Guide]


    You want to sign up for Binance but find it too much of a hassle. Some of the tutorials on the internet are different.

    I used to have the same thought as you!

    But after creating an account successfully, it is also very simple.

    In fact, I signed up for Binance in about 5 minutes.

    So I would like detailed instructions on how to register for the latest version 2022. You just need to follow it.

    Instructions on how to register for Binance

    Please click here to register for Binance:

    Tap [Register by phone or email].

    cách đăng ký binance
    Sign up for Binance by email or phone number

    Select the country as VN. If you are abroad, select the country in which you live.

    Click [Create Personal Account]. If you are creating a business Binance account, select Create a legal entity account.

    hướng dẫn đăng ký binance
    Sign up for Binance with a personal account

    Enter your email, password, and then press [Next]. Password must have at least 8 characters, at least 1 number, at least 1 uppercase letter. For example Toyeuban22

    hướng dẫn cách đăng ký sàn binance
    Enter your email and password

    A code will be sent to the email you just registered above. You enter the code in the box to verify.

    Enter your phone number. Then get the code to verify the phone number.

    You have successfully signed up for Binance.

    NOTE: How to enter your Binance referral code if asked: 40334863

    Previously, Binance did not require identity verification. If you verify your identity, the withdrawal limit will be higher.

    However, in August/21 they made it mandatory for both new and old users to verify their identity when opening an account on Binance.

    On the Binance homepage, click on your profile (headshot). In the drop-down window, select [Verify].

    xác minh tài khoản binance
    Binance Account Verification

    After verifying, click on your profile and select [Security] to enable 2-step verification with Google Authenticator.

    xác minh 2 bước google authenticator
    Secure your account before trading on Binance

    Finally, you need more banking information if you have P2P trading on Binance!

    Hover over your profile and select [Overview].

    In the left column select [Payment] and click on the box [Add payment method].

    You can add as many different payment methods as you want! For example, I add a bank account and a MoMo wallet.

    thêm thông tin thanh toán sau khi đăng ký binance
    Add payment information after signing up for Binance

    Once done, you can buy and sell USDT on the exchange by P2P trading!

    For newbies, I recommend using Remitano for trading. Because the interface is very novice-friendly.

    You can start right away with 10,000 VND. No identity verification (KYC) required if trading is less than $100 per day.

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    How to buy and sell coins on Binance

    1. How to buy coins on Binance

    First on the Binance homepage, click [Transaction] and select [Spot].

    cách mua coin trên binance
    How to buy coins on Binance

    NOTE: Spot is spot trading. That is, when you complete the purchase, the coin will be in your wallet. It is slightly different from margin trading or future (Futures).

    The default of the exchange will be the BTC/USDT pair.

    If you want to buy another coin, type that coin in the search box. Then select the pair you want to trade.

    For example, here I will buy BNB coin. And choose the trading pair as BNB/USDT. That is, use USDT to buy BNB.

    cách tạo tài khoản binance
    Make your first trade on Binance

    Likewise if you want to buy BNB with BTC then choose the BNB/BTC pair.

    Then you scroll down to see the buy and sell section as follows:

    Choose the type of command: there are 4 types of commands but if you are a newbie you only need to know the following 2 types of commands:

    • Limit: you want to buy at a price lower than the current price. For example 1 BNB is priced at $419. You want to buy at $350 then place this order. But maybe the price won't go there. Or you have to wait.
    • Market: buy now at current market price. For example, here I don't want to wait, so I buy at the market price.

    Enter the total amount of USDT you want to buy. If you want to buy according to the amount of BNB, click on the arrow next to change to Quantity.

    When done, click [Buy BNB].

    hướng dẫn tạo tài khoản binance mới nhất 2022
    How to buy coins on Binance exchange

    2. How to sell coins on Binance

    If you want to sell coins to take profits or need to withdraw money to your bank account, you can do the following.

    NOTE: You can add multiple bank accounts if you want! For example Vietcombank, Techcombank, BIDV...

    First, you also go back to the [Transaction] section and select [Spot]. Then select the coin and pair you want to trade as above.

    Or you can also go from Wallet > Fiat and Spot > select coin > Trade > select pair.

    I will give an example of selling BNB to USDT. But instead of the green buy part you will place the order on the sell part.

    hướng dẫn mua bán coin trên sàn binance
    How to sell coins on Binance exchange

    How to buy USDT on Binance

    At the main interface of Binance exchange, hover your mouse over [Transaction] and then select [P2P].

    cách mua usdt trên binance
    How to buy USDT on Binance

    There are quick deals and batch buying here but I don't recommend it if you are new.

    Next you do the following:

    • First line: Since you want to buy USDT, choose [Buy]. Then select the coin you want to buy. For example, here I will choose to buy USDT.
    • Second line: Enter the amount of VND you want to buy. Doing so will filter out those who sell for a minimum of more than your amount. Select Fiat currency as VND. Then choose the payment method you want.
    • In the sellers that appear, you choose the one with the most orders and the higher the completion rate, the better. I usually choose >99%. Note the seller's payment method!
    • Then you click [Buy USDT]
    Mua USDT trên Binance
    Buy USDT on Binance

    Next, read through the seller's note to avoid unnecessary problems.

    • Type the amount in USDT or in VND in the box. For example, if you want to buy 100 USDT even, then type 100 in the [I will receive] box. If you want to buy an even number of VND, for example, 2.4 million, type in the [I want to pay] box.
    • When done, click [Buy USDT]
    Cách mua USDT trên Binance P2P
    How to buy USDT on Binance P2P

    Then you proceed to transfer the correct amount to the seller according to the information they provide.

    NOTE: Read carefully to see what they ask to write in the [Transfer Contents] box. Usually just write the command number (with a copy button next to it for you to copy).

    When the money has been transferred, click on the box [Transferred, notify the seller].

    Cách mua USDT trên Binance bằng VND
    How to buy USDT on Binance with VND

    If everything is fine, they will unlock it for you right away. The amount of USDT you buy will be transferred to the Funding wallet.

    To buy coins you need to transfer this amount from Funding wallet to Spot wallet.

    First access your wallet at:

    • Press [Transfer]
    • From: [Funding]
    • Go to [Fiat and Spot]
    • Select the coin you want to transfer. Here is USDT
    • Get the amount you want to transfer. If you want to transfer all, press [MAX].
    • Click [Confirm] and you're done
    Chuyển tiền từ ví Funding sang ví Spot
    Transfer money from Funding wallet to Spot wallet

    Once you have USDT, you can convert to BUSD if you want.

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    How to sell USDT on Binance

    Many people sign up for Binance just to sell the coins they want. Because the liquidity on this exchange is very high.

    To sell USDT, you have to transfer wallet money from Spot trading to Funding wallet.

    NOTE: From August 2021 Binance has moved from P2P wallet to Funding wallet. Binance P2P is a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies directly with other users on the exchange.

    cách bán usdt trên sàn binance
    Transfer money between wallets

    Select your incoming wallet as Funding. Then enter the amount of USDT you want to transfer. If you want to transfer all the money in your wallet, press [Max].

    NOTE: Transferring money back and forth between these wallets is instant and free!

    Chuyển tiền sang ví funding trước khi bán usdt
    Transfer money to Funding wallet before selling usdt

    After the transfer is complete, click on the [Transaction] box and select [P2P].

    Chọn giao dịch P2P
    Select P2P transaction

    First, select [Sell] and the currency you want to sell. Here I want to sell USDT, so I will choose USDT.

    Then you filter to easily find the seller:

    • Quantity: you mentally see how much your USDT is and then enter it in the Quantity box. The goal is to find buyers in that range.
    • Pay: Select the form of payment you want to receive. For example, if you only have a bank account that the buyer wants to receive with MoMo, it cannot.

    Among the buyers, did you filter out a lot of transactions in the last 30 days? What is the odds of % completing.

    For fast and accurate trading, you should choose the higher the better!

    cách giao dịch p2p trên sàn binance
    How to trade P2P on Binance exchange

    Next, since you added a bank account after having signed up for Binance as above. So the buyer will automatically transfer money to your account.

    If you see that your account has been credited, click [Payment received]!

    NOTE: Check the correct balance by bank app or bank SMS. Absolutely do not trust any transferred images at all.

    xác nhận đã nhận thanh toán
    Confirmed payment received

    After receiving the money, click [Confirm Unlock] to have Binance transfer USDT to the buyer!

    mở khoá giao dịch p2p trên sàn binance
    Unlock P2P transactions

    So, I have just instructed how to register for Binance as well as buy and sell on the exchange.

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    Some FAQs when registering for Binance

    Does Binance Registration Need Identity Verification (KYC)?

    From August/21 Binance requires users to KYC.

    Should I sign up for Binance?

    This is the largest and very reputable exchange with high liquidity. Therefore, everyone should sign up for Binance, especially for newbies.

    Is it possible to create multiple Binance accounts?

    You should not create multiple Binance accounts to avoid account lockout! You can use the sub-account creation feature instead if you want (up to 10 sub-accounts).

    Is it safe to leave money on Binance exchange?

    Binance currently applies 4 layers of security. Normally when you transfer money out of the wallet, you must enter the verification code SMS / Call, Email, Google Authenticator... In addition, the Binance exchange also has a SAFU fund to compensate for damage in case of a hack or an incident that leads to failure. exit user property.

    What is 3x 5x 10x Binance?

    Simply put, 3x 5x 10x is that the Binance exchange will lend you 3 times, 5 times, 10 times the amount of money you have. The higher the leverage you use (the more you borrow), the more profitable you will be if the price goes as originally intended. Conversely, the higher the leverage, the faster the risk of being liquidated.

    What is the Binance support phone number?

    Currently, Binance does not support phone calls. If you have any problems, you can press the chat button right in the interface of the floor! On the Binance app, at the main interface, click More > Help > Chat.

    Wish you success!


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