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    What is Hoo Floor? Instructions to register for Hoo exchange 2022

    Săn gem trên sàn KuCoin

    Hoo is one of the exchanges that always list the earliest "hidden gems". The following is a detailed guide on how to register for Hoo exchange for newcomers.

    What is Hoo Floor?

    Hoo is a cryptocurrency exchange located in the ecosystem. There are also many other products such as Hoo Financing, HD Wallet, Hoo Custody…

    Hoo acquired the Chaince exchange and the OAX exchange. Resources from all three are combined and upgraded to the Hoo exchange. This exchange is based in Hong Kong.

    There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies listed on Hoo. They claim to use a bank-grade security protocol like SSL and decentralized servers to enhance the reliability of the platform.

    And like I said above, one of the special things about Hoo exchange is that they list potential cryptos pretty quickly. In return, the liquidity of the exchange is not very high. And you can only verify your identity (KYC) with Passport only.

    NOTE: Currently users from Vietnam can KYC with ID card.

    Instructions to register for Hoo sàn

    First, click on the following link to open Hoo's homepage in a new tab: then click the [Sign Up] button.

    Hoo floor registration interface

    You can register by email or phone number. But I recommend signing up by email.

    Because registering with a phone number can be difficult to receive the code later.

    In the next window, select the Email tab (this is also the default). Enter your email, set a password, retype the password.

    The [Enter Invitation Code] line you can leave blank or enter your number as 25716476.

    After filling it out, click the [Send Code] button in the [Email verification code] box. This is a tip because when you have not set a password, but you have clicked this box, the code may expire if you have not completed the form below.

    You go to the registered email above, copy the code sent to you and paste it in the box [Email verification code]. Then tick the box I Agree to Hoo's… then press [Register] and you're done.

    Fill in registration information Hoo

    A popup appears, you press and hold the mouse on the 3 blue dot button and drag it to the right so that the puzzle piece matches the missing part. It's like putting together a picture.

    Drag the slider to the right

    So you have successfully registered for Hoo exchange.

    Enable Google Security 2FA

    After registering, Hoo floor will remind you to add a 2-layer security feature from Google.

    You click on the [Bind Now] box in the box Google Authenticator. Or you can hover your mouse over your profile, select [Personal Center]. In the [Account Safety] tab, select [Bind] in the [Google 2FA] line.

    Install Google 2FA for Hoo

    Next, click on the word [Get the Code] and then go to the email to get the code and paste it in the [Enter Verification Code] box and then click [Next].

    Next, go to the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android and download Google Authenticator. If yes, skip it and click [Next].

    Get Google 2FA

    Open the Google Authenticator app on your phone, scan the code that appears on the screen.

    Then enter 6 codes in the [Enter Google 2FA Code] box. Note that these 6 codes change every 30 seconds.

    Scan Google 2FA code

    When you're done, click [Save] again and you're done.

    So you can deposit money and buy and sell comfortably. But if you want to withdraw your wallet like Metamask then you need to set an additional transaction password.

    Instructions for setting a transaction password

    First, hover your mouse over your personal page and select [Personal Center] => find the [Trading Password] line in the [Account Safety] tab => click on the [Setting] box.

    Set Trading Password on sàn

    You set a 6-digit password, confirm the password. Then click [Get the Code] => go to the email to get the code and paste it in the box [Email Verification Code].

    Next, enter the code from Google Authenticator and click Save.

    Set transaction password for Hoo . exchange

    So from now on you can deposit and withdraw comfortably on Hoo floor. If you have a large volume of transactions (> 1 BTC) You must verify your identity with your Passport (or ID card / CCCD).

    So I just went through what is Hoo and how to set a trading password for Hoo to hunt hidden gems.

    Good luck!

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