What coins does the Celo ecosystem include 2023?


    Celo is a rather special ecosystem when it comes to mobile-centric. So What coins does the Celo ecosystem include?? Let's check it out in the next post!

    What coins does the Celo ecosystem include?

    Featured Celo ecosystem coins that you may be interested in:

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    Hệ sinh thái Celo gồm những coin nào?
    What coins does the Celo ecosystem include?


    • Chainlink: the oracles network that provides the largest data available today
    • The Graph: querying data, the “Google of blockchain”
    • RabbitHole: A support platform to attract users to participate in product testing

    Stable coin

    Stablecoins in the Celo ecosystem revolve around Celo Dollar (CUSD) and Celo Euro (CEUR).

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    These 2 stablecoins have a working mechanism quite similar to Terra LUNA's UST (departed).


    • Valora: If you can text then you can send crypto too
    • Celo Wallet: A simple, lightweight crypto wallet for the Celo . network
    • Steakwallet: Mobile wallet for staking. Supports various blockchains
    • CeloExtensionWallet: A copy of the Metamask wallet for the Celo network. This is a utility installed on the computer browser

    What coins does the Celo ecosystem include: DEX

    • Ubeswap: A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Automated Market Making Protocol (AMM) for Celo Assets
    • Mobius: Also a DEX and AMM for Celo
    • Symmetric: A DEX and AMM running on Celo and Gnosis (xDai)

    Lending & Borrowing

    • Moola Market: The First Borrowing & Lending Platform on Celo
    • AAVE: One of the largest lending & borrowing platforms on the market. Supports various blockchains


    • CeloStarter: Fundraising platform for projects on the Celo . ecosystem

    Yield Aggregator

    • Dahlia Finance: Yield Aggregator Platform with Leverage Yield Farming (leveraged liquidity)

    Asset Management

    • Good Ghosting: A wealth management platform focused on savings
    • KnoxEdge Market: Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the learning and investment community

    Synthetic Assets

    • Kresko: Platform that allows users to deposit collateral to issue synthetic assets accessible from a phone


    • Optic: A bridge that allows asset movement between Celo, Polygon and Ethereum
    • Wrapped.com: Platform for issuing different types of wrapped tokens
    • Allbridge: The bridge is quite famous. Allows users to transfer assets between blockchains of: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BSC, HECO, Celo, Avalanche, Fantom, LUNA, Near, AURORA, Harmony, FUSE

    Gaming / NFT

    • Unifty: Multi-Blockchain NFT Marketplace
    • Createsafe: A platform that allows artists to create, manage and grow the music industry
    • Award Pool: A web3 . integrated NFT platform


    • Kotani Pay: Connecting blockchain apps, wallets and networks with local payment channels in Africa
    • Moonpay: Quick and simple way to buy crypto with credit cards, bank transfers and wallets Apple Pay, Google Pay…
    • Muggle Pay: Mobile payment gateway for customers

    In general, the Celo ecosystem is still in its infancy, with a lot of potential for development.

    Recently, Celo also spent $ 100 million to develop DeFi on its ecosystem. Hopefully we will see more breakthroughs in the near future.

    So I just went through the Celo ecosystem, which coins are included.

    Wish you success!


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