Register for Remitano 2023 [Detailed Instructions]


    When you are new to cryptocurrencies, you will probably hear a lot of people talking about Remitano. So what is Remitano and how to register for Remitano?

    During this time, Remitano has a lot of super smooth gifts for you. Don't know when the gifts will run out, so remember to register for Remitano!

    In addition, with the Remitano app on your phone, you can also mine RENEC coins for free!

    After creating an account and downloading the app on your phone, you can mine 0.48 RENEC per day. Just open the app and tap the START MINING button and you're done ✅.

    I will guide you on how to register for Remitano in detail. From how to create an account, verify to how to buy and sell Bitcoin on the exchange and withdraw money to the bank…

    What is Remitano Flooring?

    Remitano is an application of Babylon Solutions Limited. Registered to operate in Seychelles, 1 country in East Africa ( This is a P2P exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin easily and quickly!

    Remitano là gì?
    What is Remitano?

    P2P means transactions between two people. Remitano acts as an intermediary to help transactions be conducted quickly and accurately.

    It is also a “marketplace” for you to buy & sell any coin that the exchange supports.

    Founded year2015
    Registered countrySeychelles
    Support country50+
    Number of users3.2+ million
    Transaction value9+ billion dollars
    Official website
    Some information about Remitano

    There are hundreds of such exchanges out there. But Remitano is probably the most familiar name in Vietnam when you want to buy Bitcoin. Especially for those of you who have played crypto since 2020 or earlier.

    Up to now, users from Vietnam are overwhelming with nearly 70% of traffic. Trading on the floor is estimated at 100 billion per day.

    đăng ký remitano
    70% user from

    Remitano floor has a quite user-friendly interface, so it is very suitable for newbies. But besides that, the transaction fee is still quite high, the transaction time is long.

    Because it is a very reputable exchange, Remitano receives very good reviews from users.

    đăng ký remitano
    Remitano review

    To register for Remitano, prepare yourself a few things:

    • 01 Gmail account or log in to create an account
    • Phone number to receive OTP verification code (remitano exchange requires verification to reach Level 1)
    • Identity verification documents (not required if you trade less than $100 per day)
    • Official bank account (only needed if you want to increase your withdrawal limit)
    • Details of document verification and bank verification I will guide below if you need it

    How to register for Remitano

    To register for Remitano, visit the following link to go to Remitano's homepage: Then press the [Login/Register] button.

    sàn remitano
    Click Login / Register Remitano on the homepage

    The system will automatically recognize your language! If you do not see Vietnamese, press the down arrow to select VI / 🇻🇳!

    Note: Soon I will guide you to receive gifts when you register for Remitano in March/22.

    Next you can log in to Remitano with your Google, Facebook, Apple or Email account.

    You can choose whichever one you want! Just remember what you choose to log in correctly next time.

    For example, here I choose to login / register Remitano with Gmail.

    remitano là gì
    Choose Remitano registration form

    In the window that appears, just select the Google account you want to log in to.

    I usually use a separate email to sign up for exchanges.

    sàn remitano là gì
    Select a Google account to register for Remitano

    You set an alias (username) for the account then click [Continue].

    sàn remitano
    Set username on Remitano exchange

    You can read through the Terms of Use then press I have read and agree.

    remitano là gì
    Agree to the Terms of Use

    Next, add your phone number and then click [Continue]. You can also press [Skip] to add later.

    Note: Phone number verification is required when registering for Remitano. So you must verify to use this platform!

    In the 5 levels of Remitano account verification, the phone number verification is Level 1.

    đăng ký remitano
    Add a phone number on Remitano

    A 6-digit verification code will be sent to your phone number. You enter those 6 numbers in the box and then press [Verify] and you're done!

    remitano com
    Verify phone number

    So basically, you have successfully registered for Remitano!

    5 levels of verification of Remitano sàn

    Remitano exchange has 5 levels of account verification from Level 1 to Level 5. Along with that, the limit for buying, depositing and withdrawing coins will increase gradually.

    When you complete the Remitano registration as above you will reach Level 1. Document verification will be Level 2 and bank verification will be Level 3.

    As I said above. If you trade less than $100 per day, you only need to register for Remitano to start trading. No need for document verification and bank verification.

    Level 4 and Level 5 are only for longtime traders and are endorsed by the exchange.

    Purchase limitUSD (By day)
    Level 1$100
    Level 2$100.000
    Level 3$200.000
    Level 4$1.000.000
    Level 5$20.000.000
    Deposit limit in VND to your walletVND (By day)
    Level 1VND 1,137,000
    Level 2682,500 VND
    Level 3VND 1,137,000
    Level 4VND 2,730,000
    Level 568,250,000 VND
    Coin withdrawal limitUSD (By day)
    Level 1$50
    Level 2$5.000
    Level 3$12.500
    Level 4$100.000
    Level 5$1.000.000
    KYC Level Limits

    For monthly VND deposit limit, it will be approximately x10 daily limit. For example, the limit of depositing VND into VNDR wallet in 1 month of a person who has KYC Level 1 is 11,375,000 VND.

    Remitano account verification

    After verifying the phone number as above, Remitano will automatically take you to the Account Verification (KYC) page.

    Document verification is verification Level 2.

    Usually, KYC on other exchanges is quite easy. They will always have the option to send the KYC link to your phone if you are doing it on a computer.

    But in Remitano there is no such option! So you have to prepare the camera on the computer!

    Before you do, prepare a photo of the front of your ID / CCCD / Passport / GPLX!

    Only one of these 4 types of documents is required. Whatever. And just the front, not the back.

    B1: Upload documents

    Here, you need to fill in the following 3 information:

    • Name on the document
    • ID / Passport / License No
    • Upload the front of your ID / Passport / License (no need for the back)

    Note that you enter the number of any document, then send a picture of that document! For example, if you enter the ID number, below you must upload the front of the ID card.

    For example, here I upload the old ID card.

    đăng ký tài khoản remitano
    Verify Remitano exchange account

    B2: Portrait authentication

    You read through the requirements then tick the box I have prepared…and click the [Start Verification] button.

    remitano lừa đảo
    Portrait authentication

    Then you look at the camera and wait a bit for the system to recognize it. It looks a bit complicated, but when you do it, it's very fast.

    If you have not verified your phone number, do the following.

    Click the drop-down arrow next to your account and select [Account Verification]. Then press [Verify] under Phone number and follow the instructions.

    B3: Verify the bank

    Bank verification helps you get your account up Level 3. This means that the limit for buying, depositing money into the wallet and withdrawing coins from the exchange will be higher.

    The purpose of bank verification is to make sure your bank account is genuine. This is necessary when you sell coins on Remitano exchange to VND or you sell VNDR to Vietnamese currency.

    So if you don't have one of the above two needs, you don't need to verify your bank!

    To verify your bank on Remitano, do the following.

    First, click the drop-down arrow next to the account and select [Verify account]. Then click [Verify] in the Level 3 – Bank Verification box.

    hướng dẫn đăng ký remitano
    Bank Verification on Remitano

    Next you choose the bank you want to add. Currently, Remitano is supporting many banks. For example, here I choose BIDV.

    Then enter your account number and click verify. Note that the bank account name must match your name when registering for Remitano!

    hướng dẫn đăng ký sàn remitano
    Select the bank you want to add

    Wait about 1 minute for the system to verify.

    After verifying your bank, your account has been upgraded to Level 3. That means you have more deposit and withdrawal limits.

    Xác minh ngân hàng cho tài khoản Remitano
    Bank verification for Remitano account

    B4: Two-factor authentication

    Enable 2-factor authentication to better protect your assets. The method is very quick and simple.

    Before that, you need to install Google Authenticator on your phone. Then sign in with your Google account!

    First click on the drop-down arrow next to your account. Select Setting and Authenticator Authentication.

    Note: To enable 2-factor authentication, you can use Authy or Google Authenticator.

    Basically these 2 apps work the same! For example, here I will use Google Authenticator.

    xác thực authy khi đăng ký remitano
    Turn on 2-factor authentication

    Next you press Activated.

    tạo tài khoản remitano 2022
    Click Activate

    Step 1: Download and sign in to the Google Authenticator app.

    If you did as I said above, then press Next Skip to step 2!

    cách đăng ký remitano authy
    Download Google Authenticator

    Step 2: You open the Google Authenticator app on your phone. Click the + sign in the lower right corner and select Scan QR code.

    Put the camera on the QR code displayed on the Remitano floor. Google Authenticator will automatically add the Remitano code to the app.

    hướng dẫn tạo tài khoản remitano
    Scan QR code

    Immediately you will see 6 codes appear with a 30 second countdown time.

    If your camera fails to scan. Or press the Copy code button and enter it manually on Google Authenticator.

    Note: You should also back up this code carefully!

    When done, press Next.

    Step 3: Type 6 numbers in the Remitano field you just created in the Google Authenticator app into the box and press Turn on.

    hướng dẫn cách tạo tài khoản remitano
    Enter the 6-digit code here

    That's it, done. If you no longer need to use 2-step verification, then press Pause is to be.

    cách đăng ký remitano
    Successfully installed 2-step authentication

    You can also turn on the function Always ask for OTP when withdrawing money if you want!

    Deposit to Remitano

    After registering Remitano and verifying the account. You can now deposit money into Remitano to buy and sell Bitcoin.

    The easiest way is to deposit VND from your bank account into VNDR wallet on Remitano exchange. Then use this VNDR balance to buy BTC or any other coin you want.

    NOTE: VNDR is as simple as your VND wallet on Remitano!

    First, click the drop-down button at [Control Panel] and select [Wallet]. Then press [Deposit] in VNDR wallet.

    hướng dẫn cách nạp tiền vào remitano
    How to top up Remitano

    The first time you make a deposit, you should work on your computer for ease! After you get used to it, you can do it on the phone.

    Enter the amount you want to deposit (free of charge). When done, click [Next page].

    nạp tiền vào ví remitano
    Enter the amount you want to deposit

    Select the bank account you want to transfer to. For example, here I choose Techcombank.

    cách nạp tiền vào ví remitano
    Choose a bank to pay

    Next, carefully read the Notes and then press Agree. There are 3 notes for you to read all!

    hướng dẫn nạp tiền vào ví remitano
    Read carefully Notes

    Note: Do not mention VNDR in the money transfer content to avoid being locked out of your account.

    Next, you press the . button Copy to copy the transfer content. Then press the button Paste.

    The purpose of this operation is for you to know the content of the transfer. Avoid typing at will.

    When done, press I'm ready to transfer.

    hướng dẫn cách nạp tiền vào ví remitano
    Confirm transfer content

    Next, you transfer money according to the provided content to the VNDR Remitano agent.

    This is not complicated at all. But I just want to remind you to remember to copy the transfer content correctly!

    If you transfer money on your computer, there is information for you to copy.

    But if you want to pay with a banking app on your phone, choose Pay with QR code Please!

    cách chơi remitano
    Transfer to the seller

    I prefer scanning the payment QR code because it's fast and accurate. All information is encoded in the QR code already. Including the amount and content of the transfer.

    How to pay by QR code:

    • Step 1: Open the banking app on your phone
    • Step 2: Click on Scan QR code on the app (almost any banking app has it)
    cách chơi sàn remitano
    Pay with QR code

    After successful payment, scroll down and click on the . button I have sent enough money.

    hướng dẫn cách chơi remitano block55
    Money transfer confirmation

    A small window will appear asking you to confirm, then press Agree Please!

    đăng ký remitano cho người mới
    Agree to confirm

    Finally you upload your proof of payment into the yellow box. After the payment is done, the bank will have this. All you have to do is take a picture and post it.

    If you're on a phone, you can send this photo to your computer using

    tạo tài khoản sàn remitano
    Upload proof of payment

    After uploading, scroll down and press Confirm.

    Wait a moment for the seller to check the payment!

    remitano network coin
    Wait for the seller to confirm

    You will then receive VNDR into your wallet.

    đăng ký remitano 2022
    View your balance

    If you have any problems during the recharge process, just send a message to support at the bottom right corner of the screen!

    How to buy Bitcoin on Remitano

    You can use the VNDR you just deposited above to buy coins on Remitano. The coins that you can buy on Remitano are:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Ether (ETH)
    • USDT
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Ripple (XRP)
    • Binance Coin (BNB)

    Among the above coins, USDT, ETH and BTC are the most bought.

    All good coins, right? For example, here I will buy BTC.

    First you click on the item Purchase. Then click on the . button Buy now.

    chợ bitcoin remitano
    Buy Bitcoin on Remitano

    If you don't want to buy Bitcoin then press Choose another coin and choose one of the coins I mentioned above!

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    Next, enter the amount in the VNDR wallet that you want to buy. Then press the Buy button at the displayed results.

    You can choose which result has the lowest price. But I don't see a significant difference.


    • If you want to buy all the money in your wallet, press Max next to Quantity
    • The minimum amount you can buy is 10,000 VND
    chợ bitcoin remitano là gì
    Enter the amount you want to buy Bitcoin

    A window will appear asking if you are sure you want to buy Bitcoin with that amount, then press Agree Please!

    mua btc trên remitano
    Confirm purchase of 500k BTC

    Please wait a moment for the order to buy Bitcoin to be processed!

    mua bitcoin trên remitano
    Wait a moment to match the order to buy BTC

    A few seconds later, the status has turned green, you have successfully purchased Bitcoin. You can click View your balance to get to the Bitcoin wallet.

    cách mua btc trên remitano
    Buy BTC successfully

    So you have finished buying Bitcoin on the Remitano exchange in less than 5 minutes. This is also the reason why I signed up for Remitano, very quickly!

    Wait for the Bitcoin price to go up and then sell it for money to your bank account!

    How to withdraw money from Remitano to the bank

    As I said above, Remitano supports many banks. So you can withdraw money to Vietcombank, Techcombank, BIDV or any other bank you like!

    If you and I bought Bitcoin (or other coins) on Remitano, there are 2 cases as follows:

    • TH1: Suppose after signing up for Remitano you buy 0.01 BTC. Today "suddenly" BTC price increased. You want to sell BTC to take profit. But you will leave that money in the Remitano wallet without withdrawing to the bank. You want to wait for BTC to drop to buy again. I will guide how to sell BTC below.
    • TH2: You are in need of money outside. So after selling BTC, you want to withdraw VNDR into fresh money in your bank account. I will also guide in step 2.

    Note: You can also sell BTC directly to the bank. Without having to sell to VNDR. But I think it shouldn't. Because selling BTC to VNDR happens almost instantly without waiting.

    1. How to sell BTC on Remitano

    First you click on the item Purchase. Select Sell now.

    If you want to sell other coins like ETH or USDT then press Choose another coin on the list!

    remitano đăng ký
    Sell Bitcoin for money


    • Enter the amount of BTC you want to sell. If you want to sell all, click Max.
    • Select the partner you want to sell to. The higher you are at the top, the better the price.

    Because you want to sell BTC to VNDR wallet, choose through the buyer with the word VNDR Remitano wallet! Transactions are almost instant.

    Here you will also see the estimated amount for which the sale can be paid.

    cách đăng ký remitano
    Choose who wants to sell BTC

    A pop-up you just need to press Agree is to be.

    hướng dẫn cách đăng ký remitano
    Click Agree

    Sell order has been placed. You wait a few seconds for the floor to confirm.

    You can see the status is Processing yellow. I have to be quick to take a screenshot!

    cách đăng ký sàn remitano
    BTC sell order is being executed

    After 1 second, the command has turned green as Completely matched. VNDR balance is displayed at the top. You can press View your balance Please!

    cách đăng ký ví remitano
    Successfully sold BTC

    And here is your Remitano wallet after selling BTC:

    ví remitano là gì
    Remitano wallet balance

    Next I will guide how to withdraw this amount to the bank!

    2. Withdraw money from Remitano to the bank

    First you click Dashboard select Wallet.

    Next you choose Withdraw money in VNDR wallet.

    đăng ký remitano 2023
    Withdraw VNDR to the bank

    You press + Add new account to add the bank account from which you want to receive the money.

    Note: You can also re-enter the verified bank above when you sign up for Remitano!

    đăng ký sàn remitano
    Add a receiving bank

    Next, press the down arrow to select the bank you want. Enter your account number, wait a moment the system will automatically match the account name for you.

    For example, if I choose Techcombank, the buyer will soon send money to this bank for me!

    When done, press Create.

    tạo tài khoản sàn remitano mua bitcoin block55
    Add new account

    Open the Google Authenticator / Authy app that you installed above. Enter the 6-digit code and press Confirm.

    You can also push the button Trust this device if you want.

    đăng ký tài khoản sàn remitano
    Enter the 2-factor authentication code

    Next, select the newly added bank and press Continue.

    hướng dẫn đăng ký tài khoản sàn remitano
    Select the bank you want to receive the money

    Enter the amount you want to withdraw. If you want to withdraw all, press Max Please! Then press Confirm.

    sàn remitano giao dịch bitcoin trong 5 phút
    Enter the amount you want to withdraw

    A confirmation window appears, press Withdraw money Please!

    cách mua bitcoin trên remitano
    Click Withdraw

    Wait for about 2 minutes, the money will be sent to the bank account you selected above.

    cách chơi sàn remitano block55
    Money in Techcombank app

    How to get Remitano wallet address

    After successful registration of Remitano, you will have the following wallets:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Tether USDT (USDT)
    • Binance Coin (BNB)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Solana (SOL)
    • TRON (TRX)
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Ripple (XRP)
    • USD Coin (USDC)
    • Binance USD (BUSD)

    These coins are similar to those that Remitano supports trading from VNDR. But there are some new coins like SOL, TRX, USDC, BUSD.

    So if you want to transfer coins from another exchange (like Binance) to Remitano, choose the coin from the list above.

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    First from Dashboard you choose Wallet. Select the coin for which you want to get the address.

    For example, I will take USDT wallet. Other coins you do the same!

    Then you press Load. On the right side will appear the networks that the Remitano exchange supports. For USDT, you should choose TRC20 network.

    cách lấy địa chỉ ví remitano
    How to get USDT wallet address on Remitano

    You can also choose other networks if you want. But it is not recommended to choose Ethereum (ERC20) because of the high fees. Unless the party you're moving to doesn't support other networks.

    Finally, if you are transferring coins from the app on your phone, you can open the QR code to scan it quickly and accurately. Or you press the . button Copy to clipboard to copy USDT wallet address.

    Then you go to the withdrawal place eg Binance exchange, paste this address there. Select the correct network corresponding to which you have obtained the address above.

    For example, here you choose the TRC20 network, then you must also choose TRC20. Solana chose Solana. BSC (BEP20) then select BEP20.

    Swap User Manual

    For example, how do you want to buy Dogecoin in Remitano? The answer is to use Swap.

    See more: Instructions to buy Dogecoin on Binance simple

    Swap is a feature to swap from one coin to another that is not available in the Buy & Sell section.

    I will show you how to swap from USDT to Dogecoin (DOGE)! If you want to swap other coins like NEAR, SOL, you do the same!

    hướng dẫn cách đăng ký tài khoản để mua dogecoin ở sàn remitano
    Use Swap to buy Dogecoin on Remitano

    First click on the item Swap. Choose swap by:

    • Market price: The order will be executed immediately at the current market price
    • The price you set: The order will be executed when the market price hits the price you set. For example, if you think the DOGE coin will depreciate, you should bid lower than the current market price. When the price drops there, the swap order will be executed.

    Next choose the currency you use to exchange. In this case it's USDT.

    If you want to swap from VNDR wallet or another coin, click on the drop down arrow to choose.

    Enter the amount of USDT you want to redeem. If you want to change all the money in because then choose Max.

    Note that the minimum value to be exchanged is 5 USDT! It doesn't matter what currency you change.

    Select the coin you want to exchange. In this example my is DOGE.

    If you want to change to another currency, press the down arrow to choose from the list.

    The amount of DOGE will be automatically converted.

    When done, press Buy DOGE is to be.

    How to transfer money from Remitano wallet to Binance

    This is how I recommend you to just sign up for Remitano. Because buying USDT on Remitano and then transferring to Binance will be easier than buying directly on Binance.

    Before withdrawing, you can take a look at the withdrawal fee and minimum amount in the table below.

    Accordingly, USDT withdrawal fees on all networks such as Tron (TRC20), BSC (BEP20), Solana are $1. On the Ethereum network (ERC20) is $20.

    • First, from the item Dashboard press select Wallet. On the left select the coin you want to transfer and then press Withdraw money.

    Here I will give an example of transferring USDT from Remitano to Binance. Other coins you do the same!

    hướng dẫn cách chuyển tiền từ sàn Remitano sang Binance
    Select the coin you want to withdraw
    • Open the Binance app > Wallet > USDT > Deposit > Tron (TRC20) > copy the wallet address. Then past paste in the item USDT Wallet.

    Note: You can choose BEP20 or Solana network too! Leave the default as Coin Wallet. Don't choose an alias or a phone number! Those are only for those who have signed up for Remitano.

    Hướng dẫn cách chuyển USDT từ Remitano sang Binance
    Instructions on how to transfer USDT from Remitano to Binance
    • Next you choose Net matches the copied USDT address on the Binance exchange. Here mine is TRC20.
    • Enter the amount of coins you want to transfer. If you want to withdraw all, press Max.
    • When done, press Send.

    A window will pop up, click the . button Withdraw money.

    Xác nhận việc chuyển USDT
    Confirm transfer of USDT

    About 10 seconds later, scroll down to see the status Finished.

    Lệnh chuyển USDT hoàn tất
    USDT transfer order completed

    You can click See details if you want. A few minutes later the funds will arrive in your Binance account.

    Remitano transaction fees

    Many of you are afraid to register for Remitano because the transaction fees are quite high. But not all services are like that.

    Buy ads1%
    Advertisement for sale1%
    Deposit VND0% (Free)
    Withdraw VND0% (Free)
    Swap (Swap)0.25%
    Surf0 – 1%
    Deposit coins into the exchangeFree of charge
    Table 1 | Types of transaction fees on Remitano
    • When you create buy & sell ads: 1%
    • VND deposit and withdrawal fee: 0% (free). Some banks maybe charge a small fee.
    • Swap Fee (swap): 0.25%
    • Remitano Remittance: Free. The minimum deposit amount you see in the table below. This number will also be displayed when you manipulate it!
    CoinMinimum recharge amount
    Bitcoin0.0001 BTC
    Ether0.01 ETH
    Bitcoin Cash0.0001 BCH
    Litecoin0.0001 LTC
    Ripple1 XRP
    Binance Coin0.05 BNB
    Solana0.05 SOL
    Tether USDT (ERC20)20 USDT Billion
    Tether USDT (TRC20)5 USDT Billion
    Tether USDT (BEP20)5 USDT Billion
    Tether USDT (SOLANA)5 USDT Billion
    Binance USD (BEP20)5 BUSD
    TRON (TRC20)100 TRX
    Table 2 | Minimum deposit amount on Remitano exchange
    • Withdrawal from Remitano: depending on coin type and time. When you click to withdraw a certain coin, the system operation will show the withdrawal fee, so you don't need to worry!
    phí giao dịch remitano
    Withdrawal fee for each coin at Remitano

    Receive gifts when you sign up for Remitano

    Currently Remitano is having the following gift program. Especially for 10 DOGE + 5 RENEC for each new user in March/22.

    Rules and how to receive gifts, see detailed instructions here Please!

    Register Remitano to mine RENEC

    Renec is the floor coin of Remitano (Remitano coin). Currently, Remitano exchange is offering this Renec coin for free.

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    But to mine Renec you have to work on the phone application. After registering for Remitano, you can go to the Apple Store or Google Play to search for the keyword "remitano" or download it using the following link:

    Then you open up and log in / register Remitano as you did above. To mine Renec, you must verify your phone number!

    First at the main screen of the Remitano application, click on the 3 dashes then press the . button Sword RENEC.

    At the next screen, press the . button START MINING done.

    How to mine RENEC coin on Remitano app | Source: Remitano Official

    Note that you need to verify documents or make at least one transaction on Remitano to have a mining power of 0.02 RENEC/hour! If you only verify the phone number, you will only get 0.01 RENEC / hour.

    đào coin remitano
    Register Remitano to mine Remitano coin

    As you can see, I immediately had 0.48 RENEC in my wallet. You just need to wait 24 hours then click continue digging.

    Currently, this Remitano Network coin has not been listed, so there is no price yet!

    How to create a RENEC wallet

    Watch the instructions in this video:

    Instructions for creating a RENEC Wallet

    Some questions about how to register for Remitano

    When was Remitano born?


    How to see ETH price on Remitano exchange?

    giá eth remitano

    In the section Purchase, you press Choose another coin. Here the price of ETH will appear in the Price (VND).
    Similarly you will also see today's Bitcoin price (as you read this article). Both USDT price and coins including BCH, XRP, LTC, BNB.
    NOTE: You do not need to register for Remitano to see it!

    Which bank is Remitano affiliated with?

    Remitano supports most of the major banks in Vietnam today such as: Vietcombank, Techcombank, TPBank, VietinBank, MB, ACB, HDBank, BIDV, VPBank, VIB, NamABank, LienVietPostBank, MSB, Eximbank

    What is the minimum deposit to Remitano wallet?

    10,000 VND. It is also the minimum amount that you can buy Bitcoin after registering for Remitano!

    What coins does Remitano support trading?

    Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin
    From these coins you can swap to many other coins in the Swap section.

    How much does RENEC coin cost?

    Currently, Remitano's blockchain has not been officially launched (mainnet), so 1 RENEC does not cost much in Vietnam currency.
    Update: RENEC has officially launched mainnet.
    From October 20, 2022, you can swap RENEC to BUSD / USDT at
    1 RENEC coin currently (October 26) is approximately 1.9 USD.

    How to get Authy code back on Remitano?

    You can follow the instructions from Remitano sàn here when 2 step security is lost.

    Why do balances freeze on Remitano?

    The RENEC you have mined will be locked for 5 years. They will unlock for you weekly on Saturday.
    For example, if you mine 200 RENEC, every week you will receive about 200 / (5 years x 52 weeks) = 0.77 RENEC.
    The remaining 200 – 0.77 = 199.23 will be frozen and unlocked gradually in the following weeks within 5 years.

    Is Remitano scam correct?

    Remitano is a fairly reputable and long-standing exchange in Vietnam. I have not seen any signs of fraud. But in my opinion, all assets should not be put on one floor. And it shouldn't be all on centralized exchanges, including Binance.

    So I just went through what is Remitano, instructions on how to register for Remitano so you can mine Renec coins for free.

    Good luck!


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