Convert USDT to BUSD in 3 simple ways


    Are you a little worried after the collapse of UST and want to convert USDT to BUSD?

    Actually converting USDT to BUSD or USDC takes less than 10 seconds on the exchange.

    But if you want to transfer USDT to BUSD on the wallet, the process will be a bit complicated.

    Please refer to the following 3 ways to convert USDT to BUSD (or USDC).

    Disclaimer: I'm just showing how to do it, but I'm not saying you should or shouldn't do it. You decide for yourself!

    Convert USDT to BUSD on the exchange

    If you are storing USDT on exchanges like Binance or Remitano, just use the swap function from USDT to BUSD.

    Other floors you do the same! If the exchange does not have the function of swapping or trading BUSD, then:

    • One is that you transfer USDT to exchanges with this function like Binance or Remitano
    • Second, you use the conversion feature to another platform (I will guide you below).

    1. Binance

    If you don't have a Binance account, you can see the article Binance Registration Instructions 2022 details!

    For example, on Binance exchange, you can access the following address to swap:

    Or at the Binance homepage, hover over the [Trade] menu and select [Binance Convert].

    Cách chuyển USDT sang BUSD trên Binance
    How to convert USDT to BUSD on Binance
    • Select USDT in the [From] box
    • Select BUSD in the [To] box
    • Enter the amount of USDT you want to convert to BUSD. Minimum is 20 USDT and maximum is 2.6 million USDT

    You can also use the Spot trading feature if you wish. There will be a little fee but the liquidity may be higher.

    Go to the following address: Enter the amount of USDT used to buy BUSD and then press the [Buy] button.

    BUSD will be transferred to your wallet immediately.

    2. Remitano

    If you don't have a Remitano account, you can check it out Instructions for registering Remitano 2022 details!

    First, click on the following link:

    In the link above, I have already selected to convert USDT to BUSD, so you don't need to choose anymore!

    You just need to choose the swap according to the market price or the price you set. These are all stable coins with stable prices, so you can choose according to the market price.

    Then just type the amount of USDT you want to convert to BUSD and then click [Buy BUSD] and you're done.

    BUSD will be instantly transferred to your wallet.

    Chuyển USDT sang BUSD trên sàn Remitano
    Convert USDT to BUSD on Remitano

    Convert USDT to BUSD on wallet

    I see many wallets with this feature.

    The above example on Metamask wallet you can easily convert USDT to BUSD on the same network using the swap feature.

    First select the network on the Metamask wallet containing the USDT that you want to convert to BUSD. For example, here I will transfer on the BSC network.

    See also: Instructions on how add BSC network to Metamask

    • At the main screen of the Metamask wallet select [Swap]
    • Select USDT in the [Swap from] box
    • Select BUSD in the [Swap to] box
    • Enter the amount of USDT to convert to BUSD
    • Click [Review Swaps]
    • If nothing changes then press [Swap]
    Chuyển USDT sang BUSD trên ví Metamask
    Convert USDT to BUSD on Metamask Wallet

    You do the same if you want to transfer USDT to BUSD Ethereum network on Metamask wallet!

    How to convert USDT to BUSD via 3rd platform

    For some reason, you can't convert USDT to BUSD on the exchange or wallet, you can use a 3rd platform!

    How this swap platform works is as follows:

    • You send USDT to the system with the amount you choose in advance to the wallet address they specify
    • Then the system will resend the BUSD number to the address you provided

    I have tried several platforms and found the transaction fees to be quite high. Only Changelly is the best price.

    You can refer to the exchange rate of USDT to BUSD as follows:

    I have ready to convert 1000 USDT to BUSD for your reference. You can change to any amount you want.

    You can convert USDT to BUSD with Changelly in just 5 easy steps as follows:

    1. The coin you want to transfer should select USDT TRC20 and enter the amount of USDT you want (eg 1000). Select the coin you want to receive is BUSD (recommended network BEP20)
    2. Paste the wallet address where you want to receive BUSD (must be on the same network as you selected above)
    3. Double check all information again for accuracy
    4. Transfer USDT to the wallet address provided by Changelly
    5. Wait a moment for Changelly to send BUSD to the wallet you pasted in step 2

    Convert BUSD to USDTB

    After converting USDT to BUSD, now want to convert from BUSD to USDT, you can do the opposite as above.

    So I just went through how to transfer USDT to Binance in 3 ways.

    Wish you success!


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