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    What is Coinlist? How to create a Coinlist account in just 5 minutes

    Săn gem trên sàn KuCoin

    Projects sold on Coinlist have quite high profit margins. But many of you have difficulty creating an account and KYC Coinlist.

    So what is Coinlist, how to create a Coinlist account, how to verify identity (KYC) to succeed 100% in just 5 minutes?

    Let's find out through the following short article!

    What is Coinlist?

    Coinlist is a connection platform between potential new projects and users. Thereby users can buy new coins at low prices.

    Some outstanding projects have been sold on Coinlist such as Solana, Flow, Mina, Casper, Immutable X…

    Coinlist is a legal company and has been licensed to operate in more than 20 US states.

    Therefore, the projects sold on Coinlist all have clear and transparent information.

    Some notes before creating a Coinlist account

    You can sign up for Coinlist very easily. But to buy tokens sold on it you have to verify your identity (KYC).

    Here are a few points you need to keep in mind for a successful KYC Coinlist!

    Some of you do not notice so KYC takes a long time, sometimes up to 10 days or never gets approved.

    1. Must have a Passport (Passport)

    Previously Coinlist allowed you to verify your identity with your Passport, ID/CCCD and GPLX.

    But perhaps because Vietnam cheats on accounts too much, since September 21, you can only KYC with Passport.

    Therefore, if you do not have a Passport, you can borrow it from a relative to register. Then ask them to help you with KYC, because you have to verify your face too.

    2. Note when filling in the address

    Where you are registering, just type in that address. Because Coinlist will rely on your IP address.

    There is no need to match on the Passport. In fact, on the Passport, there is only the Place of Birth.

    3. Should KYC on the phone

    After taking the passport photo, you should scan the QR code and take it directly with your phone's camera. I will explain more below.

    4. No need to deposit money first

    After successful account registration and KYC, you do not need to deposit money.

    If there is a project on sale, you just need to register. If you win, you need to transfer money to buy it!

    How to create a Coinlist and KYC account in just 5 minutes

    First, you access Coinlist at the following link:

    Click [Get Started] to get started:

    Click Get Started to create a CoinList account

    Enter your first and last name, email, password, repeat password > tick the box I am human > click [Create Account].

    How to create a CoinList account

    Open the email you registered above > Click [Verify your email].

    How to create a CoinList account: Email verification

    NOTE: If you do not receive an email from Coinlist, return to the registration page and click [Resend email] or [Change email] to change to another email.

    After clicking on the email verification box above, you will be redirected to the homepage of Coinlist. So you have successfully created a Coinlist account.

    Now we will do the most important step of verifying the identity. Click the [Get Started] box on the left or click the [Wallet] tab.

    KYC Coinlist

    1. Start

    First you choose [A person] > fill in the correct name as shown in the Passport in the order of First name - Middle name - Last name

    How to create a CoinList B1 account

    2. Residence

    You choose your country of residence is Vietnam > tick the box I confirm that… > [Save & Continue].

    Sign up for Coinlist B2

    3. Identity

    You type the address in the ADDRESS box and then choose from the list that Coinlist suggests, it will automatically fill in for you.

    Please look up the zipcode in the following table:

    NOTE: As I said above, you enter the address when you are working!

    How to create a CoinList B3 account

    4. Photos

    To start authentication, press the [Start] button.

    How to create a CoinList account & KYC CoinList B4.1

    You have no choice but to click the [Passport] box.

    How to create a CoinList & KYC CoinList account B4.2

    You press [Continue on mobile] to continue on the phone.

    How to create a CoinList account & KYC CoinList B4.3

    Here you have 2 options:

    • Type in your email and press the [Send] button > a verification link will be sent to your email on your phone
    • Use the camera or QR Code app to scan the code and open the browser on your phone

    Personally, I like to use the camera to scan quickly!

    How to create a CoinList & KYC CoinList account B4.4

    Then you take a photo of your Passport and authenticate your face as they instruct.

    If successful, the Coinlist page on your computer will reload automatically.

    5. Proof of residence

    Previously, you also needed to submit proof of residence. But if you follow the above steps correctly, there is no need.

    You select the current occupation in the box CURREN OCCUPATION then click [Submit].

    How to create a CoinList & KYC B5 account

    6. Security

    You enable 2-step authentication for your Coinlist account in the following 3 steps:

    • Step 1: Download an authenticator app. I usually use Google Authenticator or Authy
    • Step 2: Scan the QR code
    • Step 3: Enter the 6 numbers generated in the application above into the AUTHENTICATOR CODE box > click [Enable]
    How to create a CoinList & KYC CoinList account B6

    7. Status

    If the following table appears, you have successfully KYC CoinList with an email sent from Coinlist.

    How to create a CoinList & KYC CoinList account B7

    You do not need to deposit money anywhere! Unless you want to trade.

    So I just went through what is Coinlist, how to create a Coinlist account and KYC Coinlist successfully in just 5 minutes. I will update how to buy tokens to sell on Coinlist later!

    Good luck!

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    1. Nguyen Minh Duc

      Hi, I tried but failed, coinlist told me to wait for e-mail to do the next steps. But I waited a long time and still have not received it. Now what should I do to get the ad again? Thank you and have a nice day

      1. Hi Duc! You can actively contact them! Log in to Coinlist, scroll down to Your account, click Submit a support ticket.

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