What is Bscscan? 5 features of Bscscan that you should use


    You don't need to know too much about the technicalities to use Bscscan.

    90% people I know only use Bscscan and other types of scans just to check transaction status.

    But that check took less than 10 seconds. Did you know that in addition to that feature, Bscscan has many other great features.

    Let's take a look at 5 features that you should know when using Bscscan!

    What is Bscsan?

    As the name suggests, Bscscan is the block explorer of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

    It can be checking the status of the transaction you just made, checking the wallet address, block, transaction code or any token on the BSC blockchain.

    Bscscan is developed by the same team that built Etherscan – a blockchain explorer on the Ethereum network.

    So basically, the interface and functions of Bscscan are similar to Etherscan.

    Bscscan User Manual

    Here I would like to introduce some interesting features of Bscscan for newbies!

    1. Bscscan test net

    When you visit Bscscan at: https://bscscan.com/, then this is the default Bscscan for the BSC Mainnet (official network).

    If you want to see other information on the test net (test network), just hover your mouse over the icon of the BSC network in the upper right corner then select [BSC Testnet].

    Or you can also click here directly: https://testnet.bscscan.com/

    Bscscan là gì
    Bscscan Testnet

    2. How to check Bscscan

    For example, you have just sent some USDC from BSC network on Metamask wallet to Binance exchange and you want to see where it “goes”…

    On any wallet or exchange, there is a transaction history for you to check. Just click on the transaction code and you will be taken directly to Bscscan.

    But here I will do how to check the transaction status on Metamask wallet!

    NOTE: Transaction code (Transaction Hash, Tx Hash) also known as Transaction ID (TxID)…

    First, go to the [Activities] tab and click on any transaction you want to check.

    Then click the [View on block explorer] box.

    See more: Instructions on how to add BSC network to Metamask

    Check Tx khi giao dịch trên Metamask qua mạng BSC
    Check Tx when trading on Metamask via BSC network

    Or you can also click [Copy Transaction Code] and paste it in the search box on Bscscan homepage.

    Here you will see the status of the transaction shown as follows:

    • Pending: the transaction is in progress, please wait a moment
    • Success: The transaction was successful
    • Fail: transaction failed
    • Dropped & Replaced: transaction has been replaced by another with higher gas fees because of network congestion

    3. How to read Bscscan

    After pressing view your transaction on block explorer as above. You will see quite a bit of information.

    NOTE: If you do not have any transactions, you can click on any transaction on Bscscan's homepage (the Latest Transactions box).

    But if you are a newbie, just pay attention to the following 5 lines:

    Cách đọc thông tin giao dịch trên Bscscan
    How to read transaction information on Bscscan
    • Transaction Hash: this is the transaction code as I said above
    • Status: status of the transaction
    • Transaction Fee: transaction fee
    • Gas Used by Transaction: amount of gas used for the transaction
    • Gas Price: gas price

    Where transaction fee = amount of gas used x gas price.

    In this example transaction fee (000194535 BNB) = amount of gas used (38,907) x Gas Price (0.000000005 BNB).

    NOTE: Here, I use the way of writing thousands and commas according to English standards for you to avoid confusion! For example 1,000 is “one thousand”
    ” not “1 point 0” as in Vietnamese.

    Next to Transaction Fee you will see a light blue box representing the value of the transaction fee in USD at that time. That is, calculated by the transaction fee multiplied by the price of BNB at that time.

    As here is 0.000194535 BNB x $378.35 ~ $0.07

    Click on that box and you will see the current value of the transaction fee (as you are viewing this article).

    4. How to check Gas Price

    Although trading on the BSC network has a much cheaper gas fee than on the Ethereum network, you can also check the Gas Price if you want.

    NOTE: The concepts of Gas Price, Gas Limit or gas fee, I have talked about in the article What is Gas Price? So I won't say it again!

    Usually, some wallets like Metamask or Coin98 Wallet have already optimized Gas Price, so you don't need to adjust gas fees anymore.

    Unless the network is congested and demand is high, you need to raise Gas Price to compete.

    To check Gas Price on BSC network by Bscscan, you just need to visit the following address: https://bscscan.com/gastracker.

    Or at the homepage, hover your mouse over More > select Gas Tracker in the Explore tab:

    Check Gas Price trên BSC
    Check Gas Price on BSC

    NOTE: Same as on Ethereum network, 1 Gwei = 10-9 ETH is on the BSC network, 1 Gwei = 10-9 Let's BNB! Although it is the same Gwei, its value on each network is different.

    As you can see standard, fast or super fast, Gas Price is also only 5 Gwei.

    5. Revoke Bscscan

    To revoke access (or limit the maximum number of tokens) that a decentralized application (DApps) is approved for on your wallet, do the following:

    Cách revoke trên Bscscan
    How to revoke on Bscscan

    Here you will be able to track which contracts are authorized and have restrictions.

    If you see the line Unlimited in the [Approved Amount] row means unlimited.

    If you want to withdraw or limit the maximum number of tokens of a certain contract, click the [Connet to Web3] button and click the pen icon to change.

    6. How to see the unique address number of BSC

    To see how many unique wallet addresses are on the BSC network, go to https://bscscan.com/chart/address

    Số địa chỉ ví duy nhất trên BSC
    Number of unique wallet addresses on BSC

    NOTE: The number of unique wallet addresses does not represent the number of users. Because one person can have many different wallets.

    So I just went through what is Bscscan and some ways to use Bscscan for newbies.

    Wish you success!


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