Hi everybody,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Quan (Stanley) and I come from Dak Nong.

I write this blog in my spare time. Its main purpose is to teach the basics to newbies. Because I also had a hard time when I started to learn about blockchain in general and the cryptocurrency market in particular.

Perhaps you learn about crypto with different purposes. But in general, we come to this market to look for an investment opportunity.

Besides that, I have another reason. That is, I don't want to be left behind in this age of technology!

That's also the reason that pushed me to learn more about blockchain even though I will tell you how many times I gave up at first when trying to learn about it.

There is a lot of knowledge on the Internet, but they write quite academically, so I don't understand anything. Until one day I read an article about blockchain with a completely new approach that made me immediately understand the problem.

Since then, I realized that knowledge is important, but conveying it is equally important!

And that's why I write this Block55 blog. I want everyone to be able to invest and make money from this market. By the way, I also recommend that you only invest when you have solid knowledge and invest with a small amount that can be lost without affecting your life. Cryptocurrency investing is risky. You should consider.

If you want to contact me then press come in Please!